Behavioural data science, impact evaluation & behaviour change 

We are a behavioural data science start-up specialising in data analytics, behaviour change and impact evaluation. We enable clients to future-proof their strategies, improve and accelerate decision making, increase adaptability to changing environments and cut costs through the use of data.

Every month, organisations collect millions of bytes of data about their customers, employees, donors, suppliers, etc. We use our proprietary methodology to break down the complexity of the data, structure and analyse it and generate insights that are immediately actionable.

We innovate and combine the power and versatility of data science with insights from behavioural sciences. Hence, the insights we deliver are not solely data driven, they also accurately identify the psychological and environmental factors that should be targeted to drive positive behaviour change.

Analytics & Data science

Our solutions rely on data science to increase the efficiency of strategic decision making and improve the ROI of strategies directed at change. We identify the factors that influence particular behaviours, predict how groups of individuals will behave in different situations and identify the most targetable groups based on their behavioural patterns. All our insights are presented in user-friendly interactive graphs and dashboards.

Driver analytics: evidence-based decision making made easy

Driver analytics enable clients to make better evidence-based decisions faster, increasing adaptability to changing environments.

This analytics breaks down the complexity of human behaviour and identify the factors that have the greatest impact on business outcomes or behaviours.

We identify the factors or business areas on which clients should focus their limited resources to secure outcomes efficiently, add value and increase business or social impact.

Predictive analytics: improved understand of your target market

Predictive analytics improves clients’ understanding of their market and enables them to tailor strategies to improve business impact. 

We use data mining and advanced analytics to understand how individuals would behave in specific situations. For each group of individuals we generate a score indicating their likelihood of behaving in a certain way. We innovate by incorporating behavioural factors in our predictive algorithms, ensuring that our results can be immediately implemented for behaviour change.

Behavioural segmentation: increased ROI of your targeting

Behavioural segmentation identifies market segments of strategic importance for clients’ aims, enabling them to improve the accuracy of their targeting campaigns.

We use innovative segmentation analytics that incorporate the behavioural driver patterns. Our approach allows for more accurate targeting and increased likelihood of behaviour change compared to traditional socio-demographic segmentation techniques.

Behaviour change & Impact evaluation


Our change solutions maximize impact, decrease underperformance and increase adaptability to changing environments. We compare potential strategies identifying the ones likely to generate the highest ROI, measure and track the effects of ongoing strategies to ensure continued effectiveness and solve research, measurement and analytics problems.

Change testing: comparing strategies for impact and cost-effectiveness

Change testing is an experimental pre-implementation diagnostic solution that provides clients with insights into the impact, cost effectiveness and expected ROI of potential strategies, decreasing implementation costs and maximising impact.

Our solution builds on a/b testing, compares potential strategies and identifies those able to bring about the required changes to behaviours, metrics or outcomes. We rank strategies and assess those likely to have the strongest effects given the least inputs while also measuring their implications for costs, benefits and ROI. 

Impact evaluation: tracking your strategies for sustained business impact

Impact evaluation measures the effectiveness of strategies and tracks their impact on key indicators. Even in stable environments, the effects of programmes and strategies change and evolve. Our solution enables clients to take the necessary corrective actions to avoid underperformance and maximise impact. 

We use an array of impact evaluation techniques rooted in behavioural sciences and statistics to assess impacts and monitor their progression. We do this during business as usual, without imposing additional costly processes on the client.

Behaviour change: targeting emotions to facilitate positive social behaviour change 

Our behaviour change solution help social organisations maximise the impact and effectiveness of positive behaviour change strategies by focusing on emotions and unconscious biases.

Advances in neuroscience and neuropsychology show that our habits, moods and even our rational decisions are primarily driven by emotions such as enthusiasm, pride, anger or fear. With our research carried out at the University of Oxford, we developed a method of influencing emotions so that they induce postive behaviour and attitude change.